How To Know If Your Home Needs Motorized Blinds or Shades

Motorized blinds and shades like Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization are quite popular right now. Besides appearing technologically savvy, you may wonder if your home really needs motorized window treatments. Here are a few reasons for getting motorized blinds and shades and why motorized window treatments are revolutionizing the window treatment industry.

Automatic Control Of Your Environment

Being able to control your environment may seem like an obvious reason to have motorized shades, but it means much more than not having to manually adjust your shades or get up out of your seat. Think about your home and how nice it would be to use your window treatments to keep your home more energy efficient. Opening window treatments to let the sun warm your home and closing them to avoid cooler temperatures could lower your heating and cooling bill. What about using natural light to brighten your room instead of lamps and overhead lights? When your window treatments are designed to automatically work on their own, you can begin to strategically use your window treatments to control your environment. This saves you time and money and allows you to enjoy a more natural environment without even thinking about it beyond setting up the system one time.

Safety and Protection

Motorized window treatments do not require cords making them safe for pets and children alike. They also protect your home by adjusting your blinds or shades during the day or in the evening whether you are home or not. Having the ability to automate your window treatments allows you to protect your house by making it look like someone is always there. More than likely, if a burglar saw your window treatments moving, they would assume you are home and pick an easier target. This can put your mind at ease if you have children at home alone or an elderly parent at home by themselves.

No Hassle Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized blinds and motorized shades are the perfect answer for skylights and other out of reach windows. You can adjust the window treatment effortlessly with a remote control or the PowerView™ App on your phone. If furniture is blocking your shades, you can avoid moving the furniture or climbing over it to pull the cord to your window treatments. Motorized window treatments are easier to use and take the hassle out of adjusting your window treatments. With the PowerView™ App you can manage your window treatments to change as often as you like to multiple positions. You can have them open and close at sunrise or sunset or adjust them depending on the day of the week. The options are endless. You will also find that motorized window treatments are designed to last.

Home Automation

The 21st century will see many advances in technology and advances in home automation is no exception. The good news about PowerView® Motorization is that is allows you to control your motorized blinds and motorized shades with your own home automation system. PowerView® Motorization is compatible with most major home automation systems and works with devices like Amazon Echo. Having all your automatic systems synchronized together makes good sense, keeps things simple and saves you time.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds and Shades

Hopefully, you are beginning to see why you need motorized blinds and shades for your home. These are just a few of the good reasons why motorized window treatments will become more popular. Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments are designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. Hunter Douglas works hard to ensure the blinds and shades you buy are easy to use and carefully designed and crafted to work well and last a long time.

We would love to demonstrate to you how easy motorized window treatments are to operate. They are offered on a variety of beautiful blinds and shades. Stop by our showroom in either Hillsborough or Princeton NJ and take a look. We also offer in home consultations so you can view our products in the comfort of your own home. Window Accents and Flooring proudly serves all of Central New Jersey, including Somerset, Mercer Hunterdon, Morris and Middlesex Counties.