Many Benefits of Carpet

Carpeting not only adds to any rooms décor, but there are many other benefits to using carpet in any residential or commercial space. With so many styles and colors to choose from, any choice will give the space a personality and a special feel. Carpet can provide a neutral foundation, or can become the focal point of a space. The possibilities are endless. At Window Accents and Flooring we carry the Mohawk carpeting line with options ranging from Berber to plush and much more. We carrying several options that will serve any style, purpose and budget.

Appearance & Style

Carpeting adds to the décor of a space by allowing you to use patterns, color and various pile heights. Carpeting helps you create the ambiance that you are looking for whether it be in your home or your business. Using the various cuts, colors and patterns available help you create your own style and feel to any space. Curling up by the fireplace on a hard surface flooring just isn’t the same as lying on soft, comfortable carpet. Carpeting feels soft and comforting and is much easier on your feet. It provides a softer feel to any space.

Comfort & Cost Savings

Carpeting also provides thermal resistance. In the colder months, it will hold warmer air longer providing an energy conservation benefit. It also gives you a comfortable place to work, sit and play which gives the room an overall warm feeling. Carpeting also provides energy savings by serving as an insulator. It insulates the indoor space driving energy costs down. Carpeting usually also costs less over time compared to hard flooring options because of purchase costs, maintenance and cleaning costs. Carpeting costs much less to maintain because it is not as labor intensive to maintain and clean as other flooring options.

Health & Safety

Using carpeting in your home or business also has health and safety benefits. Carpeting traps dust and allergens until they can be removed properly. The carpeting actually acts as a filter, removing particles from a room’s air, making it cleaner. Studies show that asthma and allergy sufferers have seen their symptoms get better with carpet. Carpeting also provides additional safety features because it cushions your feet and reduces the impact of falls, which minimizes the potential for injuries.

Noise Reduction

Carpeting also aids in noise reduction because it absorbs sound. Adding extra padding to your carpet will further help with noise reduction. Equipment like TVs, computers, and sound systems can make your home a noisy place but carpeting creates a barrier between your home’s floors creating a sound barrier. By carpeting your stairs, you will also reduce the sound of foot traffic in those areas.

Our professionals at Window Accents and Flooring can help you with your carpeting project as we service all of Central New Jersey, including Morris, Somerset, Mercer Hunterdon, and Middlesex Counties. Visit us at our Showrooms in Hillsborough and Princeton, NJ and let us show you how we can help.