Choosing Hunter Douglas Shades for Your Home

Aside from our beds and our refrigerators, we see more of our window treatments than we do a lot of other things in our homes. Every time that we look out our windows, we are also looking at our window treatments, and so making the right choice with them is of the utmost importance. But how should you go about deciding which Hunter Douglas shades are right for your home? The professionals at Window Accents & Flooring in Hillsborough and Princeton, New Jersey are here to help.

Examine your space

The first step to choosing any window treatment is going to deciding what it is your space is going to be used for. This is going to inform what your light control needs are going to be, as well as what sort of aesthetic you are going to want to appeal to. If you have a space that is going to receive a lot of traffic, where you are not going to want to adjust your window treatments constantly, roller shades are a great choice. Certain varieties of roller shades have very low opacity, meaning that you can still see outside while they are down and providing shade. Designer Screen Shades, a variety of Hunter Douglas roller shades, are UV resistant, meaning that they can protect your space from sun damage, which is particularly important in high traffic areas like living rooms.

Consider your design needs

We all have particular tastes when it comes to decorating our homes, and our window treatments are, at their core, a piece of home décor. Because of this, you will need to think about both your own personal taste, as well as the aesthetic of the space you will be installing your shades in. For more formal spaces, or for those with particularly luxurious tastes, Roman shades are a great choice. Hunter Douglas offers Roman shades in a luxe collection of fabrics, patterns, and colors, so that no matter what theme you are hoping to fit, you will find a set of Roman shades that will work perfectly.

Don’t forget additional benefits

One of the best parts about Hunter Douglas shades is that they provide more than just aesthetic value and light control. Depending on which variety you decide to purchase, you could be getting additional benefits as well. As mentioned before, Designer Screen Shades are UV resistant, so they will protect your home’s interior and furniture from sun damage. Hunter Douglas also offers cellular shades, which are designed to save you money on your energy bill by providing an extra layer of insulation over your windows.

Do you feel more prepared to purchase Hunter Douglas shades for your home? If you do, then please contact Window Accents & Flooring, or visit one of our showrooms in Hillsborough or Princeton, New Jersey. We also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Montgomery, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, Somerset, Flemington, Bridgewater, and Branchburg.