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What Are Zebra Shades?

Roman shades and sheer shades and zebra shades, oh my!

With so many shade variety types out there, the window treatment world is as wide as it is deep. That is, it can get a little overwhelming to understand all the different window treatments that would be best for your home. For example, you have probably heard of Roman shades and sheer shades, but have you ever heard of zebra shades? Odds are, you have. Also known as banded shades or dual shades, zebra shades are a modern roller blind alternative to horizontal blinds that we are excited to discuss with you. Read on to learn more about zebra shades and their many benefits.

What Are Zebra Shades, custom Hunter Douglas banded shades near Princeton, New Jersey (NJ)

Zebra Shades 101

Zebra shades are a modern roller blind alternative to traditional horizontal blinds. Often, banded shades consist of alternating horizontal opaque and sheer stripes that let you transition from night to day with ease. By simply adjusting the shade’s stripes, you can control how much light and privacy a specific room in your home receives. If you want light control, simply adjust the stripes so that the opaque ones overlap. This will allow light to filter through the sheer stripes for a gorgeous glow. If you want privacy or room darkening, spread out the opaque stripes to block out any unwanted light. If you want maximum views and sunshine, simply roll the blinds to the top of your window. Transitioning from light to dark in seconds, these shades are best for those who want complete light control.

Your Options

When it comes to custom banded shades, Hunter Douglas takes the cake. In fact, Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades come with a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits that you are sure to love. These zebra shades offer modern, layered sheer and solid fabrics for instant views, privacy, or sunlight whenever you wish. No more battling your window treatments to get them to do their job.

With an extensive fabric collection that ranges in opacities, colors, textures, and geometric patterns, these zebra shades can be customized exactly to your liking. With popular colors like Organza, Oatmeal, Riverbed, and more, the world is your design oyster when you choose Designer Banded Shades from Hunter Douglas. You can even place these shades on a variety of window shapes and sizes, including bay windows, patio doors, sliding glass doors, and French doors.

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Whether you call them zebra shades, dual shades, or banded shades, these window treatments allow you to achieve light, privacy, or sunlight with absolute ease. Plus, when you choose Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades, you will enjoy a quality product with nearly endless customization designs that fit the needs of your home.

To learn more about zebra shades, be sure to contact or visit us today at Window Accents & Flooring. We are located in Princeton and Hillsborough, New Jersey, and proudly serve all of Central New Jersey including Princeton, Hillsborough, Somerset County, Mercer County, Hunterdon County, Morris County, and Middlesex County.