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Three Sheers and Shadings That Will Change Your Life

The way you decorate your home can speak volumes about your personality, so it is essential to represent who you are. However, it can be overwhelming to make your interiors perfect, which is why we are here to help. At Window Accents & Flooring, our professionals help create the interiors of your dreams. We specialize in window treatments, bedding, flooring, and much more. We do it all! Some of our favorite products that we carry are our Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings. We love how they add depth to your rooms, and we love how beautiful and functional they are. We carry three different high-quality sheers and shadings, each unique with its specific benefits.

Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings Shades Sheer Shades Window Treatments near Princeton Hillsborough, New Jersey (NJ)

Silhouette® Window Shadings

The Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings are as beautiful as they come. They do a fantastic job of filtering in soft light while also giving you the privacy you need. These shades are unique because of their specific construction with two sheer fabrics on either side of S-shaped vanes. As you tilt these vanes, you can create the particular level of privacy that you need. These window coverings work great for any size and shape of window, and they look beautiful in any room. The natural light that these coverings allow to enter your home is unlike anything else, and it gets even better with the level of privacy provided. These are top-of-the-line shadings.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

We love our Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings. These shades have adjustable vanes attached to a single sheer fabric, which filters light beautifully while still giving you a sense of privacy. These shadings move seamlessly and are easily adjustable, so you get the light-to-privacy ratio you need. Plus, these sheers are available in various colors, including varying levels of opacities. You finally have complete control over the lighting and privacy in your home. You can also choose the level of protection from UV Rays to protect your interiors from the harmful effect of direct sunlight on your floors, artwork, and furniture.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Our Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers create a gorgeous glow of diffused light. The vanes on these sheers rotate 180 degrees, giving you complete control over light and privacy. These window treatments are visually lovely because the hardware is concealed when the shadings are closed. The vertical vanes are elegant and great options for your more oversized windows and sliding glass doors. Plus, you can choose to make additional accents such as pillows and duvet covers with the same fabric that you choose for the shades, so your room will fit together flawlessly. We hope you will love these window coverings as much as we do!

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We are excited to help take your interiors to the next level. At Window Accents & Flooring, we are here to perfect your home. We pride ourselves on high-quality window treatments, of which Hunter Douglas is the best. We proudly serve Princeton and Hillsborough, NJ, and the surrounding areas, including Montgomery, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, Somerset, Flemington, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Far Hills, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, and Chester. Call us today or visit our Contact Us page to set up a free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!