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Best Curtains and Drapes for Your Living Room

If your living room is a place to entertain guests, its curtains are the finishing touch that completes the look. If you need new curtains for your space, you should consider upgrading them from off-the-shelf to custom. Custom drapery from Window Accents & Flooring can transform any living room into something magical without breaking the bank on expensive materials and installation costs.

Hanging Design Studio™ Custom Drapes in the Living Room

Perfect the Finishing Touch of Your Living Room

Custom drapery is the perfect final touch for your living room. It can transform a space from drab to fab, and with all kinds of custom options for fabrics, styles, and colors, you can create the exact look that matches your tastes.

Draperies don't just have to be boring window treatments - they're also part of your interior design scheme! They can be colorful or neutral; they can change with the seasons; they can set off other elements in your home decor (like a new sofa or rug). And if you opt for custom curtains instead of store-bought ones, you get precisely what you want: no guesswork involved!

Best Materials for Living Room Curtains

The types of curtains you choose will depend greatly on what you want them to do. Curtains (and drapes) come in a variety of styles and materials. Do they need to block out light? Do they need to be dirt-resistant? If you choose lined curtains, they'll help prevent drafts. If they're sheer or made of lightweight fabric, they won't keep out the cold, but they can help filter the light in a room.

Need help determining what materials and styles best fit your living room? Reach out to a pro at our shop! We love to help people perfect their interior design dreams.

Make an Interior Design Statement

For a bold statement, consider wide-banded or grommet panels with large rings at the top that stand out against the fabric. With these, you'll want to go for a solid color or something with small patterns so that your curtains won't compete with your decor.

If you want to make your living room feel more cozy and intimate, try more subtle options like Luminette® Sheer Panels in varying shades of white, ivory, or beige. These will let in plenty of light without making it seem too bright; still letting you enjoy pretty views.

Our pride and joy are the customization options we can bring to your interior design. Our Design Studio™ Custom Drapes use themes and designs from featured artists. Any room can pop with over 250 fabric and color choices, layering options, and more.

A Window To Inspiration

Use your window as an opportunity for inspiration by finding an image that matches the feeling you want to transmit through your curtains. This could be where water meets the land or birds flying in formation through an open sky. Bring that feeling into your home with the motif shown in your curtains.

This is not just about making sure people notice how cool your curtains are - it's also about making them feel something when they look at them so that they find themselves transported to another place every time they walk into their living room (or wherever else you're hanging these).

Fit Your Living Room's Theme

Your curtains should fit into your overall color scheme, so you'll need to determine which colors best complement your living room. Then, visit our Hunter Douglas® Design Studio™ custom drapes page to browse a wide range of fabric options. Our drapes are customized to order, ensuring that your curtains and drapes are unique and custom to you.

Pairing Other Window Treatments With Drapes

If you're looking for an elegant touch, try blinds or shutters. Shutters work well when paired with other window treatments like drapes; they'll add depth without being too heavy on the eyes. This is especially true if they're painted white or another light color like peach instead of black.

For a more natural method of diffusing light, our natural wood shades introduce elements of nature to your home, a depth visually and tonally that can set off a room.

Finding the Best Curtains for Your Living Room

The main takeaway is that custom curtains and drapes are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your living room. They can be made in any color or pattern, with different styles of grommets and rings to match your overall home decorating scheme. If you want something that stands out from other rooms in the house, then these may be just what you're looking for!

Window Accents & Flooring is proud to be your Hunter Douglas® Dealer in Hillsborough, NJ. Our team is passionate about helping others complete their interior design aspirations. Visit our studio or request a consultation today!