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Adding Roller and Solar Shades to Homes

Any homeowner looking to add more luxury to their home while adding a more modern touch should look into installing custom roller and solar shades from Hunter Douglas. When you check out the ways you can customize roller and solar shades, along with the fun styles available, you’ll find plenty of fun surprises!

Designer Roller Shades near Princeton, New Jersey (NJ) and other custom roller and solar shades.

Best Living Room Roller Shades

There’s no reason to hold back when styling your living room. As the space where you will spend time making memories with friends and family, it’s important to make your living room decor memorable.

Designer Roller Shades are perfect for adding luxury and modernism to your home. Offering a pleasantly simple shape and incredibly customizable, you can make your living room feel fully up to date on the latest styling trends. The clean look also helps establish a peaceful feel in your living room as well. You can also express your style and artistic taste by exploring different fabrics and colors.

One fun option to consider is adding fabrics from the Alustra® Woven Textures® collection, which features some of the most luxurious textures and high-quality fabrics you can find.

Best Kitchen Roller Shades

One space that tends to define interior redesigns more than others is the kitchen. A modern kitchen is a sign of a modern sense of style, which makes custom roller and solar shades ideal for this space. You can add a subtle hint of softness while maintaining a clean look by adding Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades to your kitchen windows.

The insulating cells unfold as you roll down your new custom shades, giving you extra energy efficiency as well. Plus, the curved surface provides elegant light when the sun hits your custom roller shades.

Best Bathroom Roller Shades

Getting custom light and privacy at just the right times is essential when installing new window treatments in your bathroom, which makes Designer Banded Shades an ideal choice. This clever system uses separate panels with alternating bands of opaque and sheer fabric to help you quickly switch between different light modes in your bathroom. And when you let in light through the sheer bands of fabric, you’ll have privacy during the daytime. You can choose the classic banded shape or opt for a curved design for an elegant look.

Best Outdoor Roller Shades

Roller and solar shades aren’t just for making your home look better on the inside. You can style your porch, patio, or deck using Designer Screen Shades. The durable and low-opacity fabrics allow you to confidently install your solar shades outside so you can enjoy evening views without glare.

These custom solar shades also simply make for stylish light-filtering shades in your kitchen, living room, or dining room.

Here at Window Accents & Flooring, we are proud to offer a great selection of custom roller and solar shades from Hunter Douglas. We have convenient locations in Hillsborough and Princeton, NJ, and serve the surrounding areas, including Montgomery, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, Somerset, Flemington, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Far Hills, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, and Chester. Contact us today to get started!