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Benefits of Sheers and Shadings for Homes

The best time to upgrade your window decor to look more exciting and to improve your home is right now. And if you want to enjoy better light, easier operation, and dramatic style for every room in your home, consider adding custom sheers and shadings from Hunter Douglas. These unique window treatment designs blend the functionality of other traditional window treatment styles to create versatile and stunning pieces of window decor. When you explore the various styles of sheers and shadings, you’ll discover some incredible possibilities for your home.

Custom Sheers and Shadings for Homes near Hillsborough, New Jersey (NJ) including Silhouette Window Shadings

Better Light

When you install new sheers and shadings to your windows, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to customize natural light in your home. When your home is filled with soft natural light, every square inch of each room will look even better. This is made possible by a combination of fabric layers with different opacities. For instance, the Silhouette® Window Shadings style has two sheer panels of fabric that contain horizontal, curved vanes. You can rotate these vanes closed for more shade or leave them open to let the sheer fabric panels filter light.

The result is that soft light enters your home rather than the full brunt of direct sunlight. You can improve light control even further by adding Duolite®. This blackout liner lives in the same head rail as your shadings and can lower in the back for a room-darkening effect. Normal shades would allow you to really only have two modes of natural light. But when you add sheers and shadings, you can get exactly the level of natural light you want at any moment.

Dramatic Style

Windows with custom sheers and shadings are certain to get noticed when you invite friends over for a housewarming party. You can make your home feel like it’s pulled straight out of the future with styles like Pirouette® Window Shadings. The unique vanes lay flat when you want shade and fold into a curved shape to let more light inside, creating a soft and sleek look. And thanks to the Invisi-Lift™ cord system, which creates the illusion that your window decor is floating in front of your windows, you’ll be doing a double-take every time you adjust your sheers and shadings.

Home Automation

Each style of custom sheers and shadings is available with PowerView® Automation. This means you can control any adjustment using a remote, your phone, or just your voice. For example, if you install Luminette® Privacy Sheers to your windows, you can watch your custom sheers and shadings move off to the side to open up your full view. Or, with a simple voice command, you can rotate the vanes open when you walk into your living room in the morning to let a burst of stunning light inside.

No matter which style you choose, you will be able to customize your style with luxurious fabric and color options.

Here at Window Accents & Flooring, we are proud to offer a great selection of custom sheers and shadings from Hunter Douglas. We have convenient locations in Hillsborough and Princeton, NJ and serve the surrounding areas, including Montgomery, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, Somerset, Flemington, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Far Hills, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, and Chester. Visit our showroom to find the perfect window treatments for your home!