Benefits of Installing Blinds in Your Home

There’s a reason why blinds are many people’s go-to choice for window treatments. They’re easy to operate, and you can find blinds to fit nearly any space in your home perfectly. But do you know all of the benefits that come from installing Hunter Douglas blinds? Let the window treatment experts at Window Accents & Flooring in Hillsborough and Princeton, New Jersey tell you.


First and foremost, blinds are incredibly versatile. Aside from circular, arched, or other specialty-shaped windows, between horizontal and vertical blinds, any window can be properly outfitted. Horizontal blinds work perfectly for almost any window you can think of, although vertical blinds are better suited for large windows and sliding glass doors.


Blinds are some of the simplest window treatments to operate. Horizontal blinds usually have one set of cords to adjust the angle of the slats, and then another set to raise and lower the blinds as a whole. Vertical blinds are even simpler, often just having a wand cord that can be twisted to adjust the angle of the vanes, and then simply pushed aside when you want a fully unobstructed window.

Design Options

Between Hunter Douglas’s horizontal and vertical blinds selections, you can find a set of blinds that can fit in seamlessly to any décor your home already has. If your home is aiming for a more formal, traditional décor, then the authentic wood options of Hunter Douglas’s Parkland® horizontal blinds are for you. Are you striving for a more modern décor style for your home? Then Hunter Douglas’s Skyline® vertical blinds are a fantastic choice, as they are made from chic fabrics and materials, and can be installed in a unique sliding panel style as opposed to the standard hanging vanes.

Energy Efficiency

As with any window treatment, blinds are going to make your home more energy efficient by blocking sunlight coming into your home. They are going to keep the temperature inside of your home more consistent, meaning that you won’t be constantly running to the thermostat to maintain your home’s temperature as the weather changes.

Have we convinced you that blinds would be a perfect fit for your home? If so, stop into Window Accents & Flooring in Hillsborough and Princeton, New Jersey today to pick out the ideal Hunter Douglas blinds for your home. We proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Montgomery, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, Somerset, Flemington, Bridgewater, and Branchburg.